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  • Enterprise Culture

    Hengjian endeavors to satisfy human beings’ desire for clean energy and fresh environment. in the mean time of strengthening economic beneft, Hengjian pays attention to the social beneft and it is brave in undertake social responsibility to provide constant maximized value for clients. It brings the best permanent developing conditions for the employees and green environment for the society.
  • Business Concept

    The mission and pursuit of Hengjian Heng Jian energy environmental protection group is determined to build China's environmental protection industry brands in the world, in order to improve the human work, the quality of living environment, human and environment harmonious coexistence with all strength, giving all value for China's energy and environmental development.
  • Vision of the enterprise

    Permanet will,construct green home.
  • Mission & Pursuit & Corporate Responsibility & Value

    The original scene of the Hengjian Group
    Permanent will, construct green home
    The group's mission
    For energy saving and environmental protection and new energy
    development of the Pathfnder, pioneer and pioneer!
    Group pursuit
    The pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of the eternal
    Corporate responsibility
    To save energy, protect environment is our bounden duty; set an
    example by personally taking part, have the courage to play, do a
    qualifed corporate citizen!
    Group values
    In energy conservation and environmental protection, realize the
    constant construction of ideal;
    In the energy-saving environmental protection, show constant built
    the intelligence and wisdom;
    In the energy-saving environmental protection, has refected the
    signifcance of constant construction group