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  • Innovational Technology

    Depending on the continuous technology innovation, fully industry qualifcation, research and developmentability, Hengjian Group ofers our customers the best solutions in the domestic sewage treatment, industrialwastewater treatment, living material power generation, new energy heating supply and other corebusiness areas timely and efectively.
  • Domestic Sewage Treatment

    The wastewater biochemical treatment of Hengjian Group is to use various microorganisms in the nature to decompose the organic matter and some inorganic poison in the wastewater, transforms it into a stable non-toxic inorganic substance through biochemical processes to make the wastewater clean. In the activated sludge system of A/A/O technology, heterotrophic bacteria, denitrifying bacteria group and nitrifcation bacterial fora which decompose organic matter exist simultaneously. The mixtures of microbe groups exist in aerobic and anaerobic environment alternately and take their diferent efects respectively.
    Degradation of Organic
    In the process of biochemical treatment, organic matter degradation is completed by aerobic bacteria. The soluble organic or non-soluble organic in the wastewater is adsorbed by bacteria frst. Under the action of the bacteria secreted by the enzyme, they infltrate into the bacterial cells and be absorbed by the bacteria through cell wall. The bacteria oxidate some of the adsorbed organic matter into simple inorganic materials through their own life activities - redox, synthesis process, such as CO2, H2O, NH3, etc, and transform the other part of the organic matter into necessary biological nutrients to create a new protoplasm, make bacteria grow, degrade organic matter and get purifed water.
    In activated sludge system of A/A/O processing technology, there are heterotrophic bacteria group, denitrifying bacteria group and denitrifying bacteria group which can decompose organic matter. The microbe groups are alternately in aerobic and anoxic environment and play their respective diferent efect. The organic matter will be completely decomposed by the aerobic bacteria, the dissolved organic matter and undissolved organic matter in the wastewater can turn part of the organic matter into simple inorganic through oxidation, at the same time, they can turn another part of organic matte into nutrients which can help the formation of a new protoplasm and make bacteria get growth. In this way, organic matter get degradation, and the water quality get improved. In biochemical treatment process, some obligate bacteria can decompose organic compounds which contain nitrogen in waste water into ammonia nitrogen, and denitrifying bacteria change the ammonia nitrogen into nitrates, the denitrifying bacteria change nitrates into nitrogen, so the nitrogenous organic compounds are eventually converted into harmless nitrogen and are wiped of from the water.
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment

    MBFB Membrane Biological Fluidized Bed Process
    MBFB process is used in deep industrial wastewater treatment. In addition to make the wastewater meet the discharge standard, this process can further reduce COD, NH – N and turbidity. On one hand, the water which is processed can be reused directly. On the other hand, it can greatly improve the RO flm using life and lower the recycle-water costs. ‘Inorganic Ceramic Membrane Separation System’ is the frst set of inorganic membrane separation system which is specially used in sewage treatment in the world. Compared with other organic flm and inorganic membrane, it has larger membrane fux and can recoil at the same time. What’ s more, full automatic working is also one of its advantages.
    Membrane Biological Fluidized Processes is based on biological fuidized bed, powder activated carbon (abbreviation as PAC) is its carrier, combined with Membrane Bioreactor Technology (abbreviation as MBR, is a kind of solid-liquid separation technology). Three important factors work together: active carbon physical adsorption of the reactor, microbial degradation and membrane efcient separation. The result is amazing:micro-molecule organic substance which is hard to degrade in the water can be fully mass transferred,mixed and absorbed on the active carbon powder’ s surface on the condition of aeration. And concentrated areas which have contamination are formed on the surface of the active carbon. Meanwhile, the active carbon powder can provide a special platform for the microorganism to propagate. The poriferous surface absorbs a large amount of microorganism fora, especially the fora which metabolize on the target contamination. Because the active carbon powder has a strong ability of absorbing oxygen in the water, the microorganism can have
    oxygenolysis on the micro-molecule organic substance. Then Ceramic Membrane Separation System can separate the suspended particulate of active carbon from water. After fltering, the sewage will get a further purify to meet the standard of water reuse and reclamation. Researches have shown that MBFB can efectively wipe of the ammonia nitrogen, COD and other poisonous micro-molecule organic substance which is hard to degrade in the polluted water.
    The basic principle of industrial waste water disposal is to innovate processing technique, and to avoid engendering poisonous waste water in the course of producing. For example, producers can use innoxious material instead of poisonous material and production.
    In the processes which use toxic materials or produce poisonous intermediate products and productions, producers should adopt reasonable process and equipment, be strict on operation and supervision, eliminate leave outs and minimize the loss.
    Waste water which contains poisonous substances, such as heavy metal, radioactive substances, high concentration of phenol and cyanide, should be separated from other waste water, in order to be put into special treatment and recycling.
    Some large fow and slightly polluted waste water, such as waste cooling water, is not suitable to be put into sewer, lest increase the pressure of urban sewage and sewage treatment plants. This kind of waste water should be properly treated in factory and be recycled later.
    The organic waste water which is similar to urban sewage in composition and properties, such as papermaking wastewater, sugar refnery wastewater, food processing waste, etc., can be discharged into the urban sewage system. Large sewage treatment plant should be built, as well as simple and feasible
    treatment facilities such as biological oxidation ponds, wastewater reservoir, land treatment system etc. Compared with small sewage treatment plant, large sewage treatment plant can signifcantly
    reduce the basic construction and operation cost, and because of the stability of water yield and water quality, large plants are easier to keep good operation condition and satisfying treatment efect.
    If some toxic waste water which contains phenol and cyanide is biodegradable,can be allowed to be let out into urban sewer after being treated in the factory,of course,it should meet the emissions standards. After that,it can be further treated by biological oxidation degradation process.
    Toxic water which contains something isn’ t biodegradable shouldn’t be let out into sewage or sewage treatment plant, but to be treated specially.
    MBFB Characteristics
    1. Active carbon powder for long-term use, don't need to change or regenerate;
    2. Tri-phase mass transfer mixed together, high efficiency reaction;
    3. No carrier erosion.
    4. The carrier has good fluidization effect;
    5. Oxygen can be transferred at high efficiency;
    6. High density pollutant, massive biomass;
  • Sludge Disposal

    Along with our country constantly raise the level of urbanization, the construction of sewage treatment facilities have been developed, but the construction and operation of sewage treatment plant a great deal with surplus sludge, the moisture content of 80% meter, the annual total sludge water production will soon break 30000000 tons, sludge treatment situation is grim.
    In order to alleviate the contradiction lagging sludge production and sludge processing capacity, China promulgated a series of policies, planning. At present, the technology route and the industrial policy of sludge treatment in China is gradually become clear, industrialization and marketization of the upcoming. According to the forecast, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period of sludge treatment and disposal of investment will reach 60000000000 yuan, than the "eleven fve" nearly doubled. Sludge treatment and disposal industry in the policy is expected to enter the rapid growth stage. Strengthen environmental protection and urgency, urge all the countries in the world have invested heavily in new technology development, to fnd the sludge treatment scheme is more economic, more reasonable.
    There are 3 traditional sludge treatment method: incineration, landfll and resource utilization. Many foreign adopts incineration process, but the huge investment, easy to cause the air pollution;
    domestic use of landfll, but need to consume a large amount of land, at the same time two times pollution environment; city land resources recycling is very few, not by this way. By using sludge microbial treatment of broad prospects. The factory site test and practical application of sewage treatment, each processing 1 tons of sludge may obtain 150 yuan economic benefts. Microbial aerobic fermentation, can eliminate the sludge odor, two pollution control sludge, environmental benefts also signifcantly.
    In addition, through the washing, biological sludge treatment, sludge processing by-product of biogas power generation, biogas residue organic fertilizer made of revenue, sludge soil pavement encaustic brick production, water permeable brick revenue, biological sludge treatment not only low cost, but also obtain
  • New Energy Power Generation

    Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Incineration Power Generation Technology can use the fammable material of daily rubbish to generate electricity. Of course,this technology can eliminate the harmful material of the rubbish. Resource Optimization is easy to get through this new technology.
    The core equipment of Incineration Power Generation Technology is the incinerator. The circulating fuidized bed wastes incinerator of Hengjian Group is highly recommended by the government because it’ s energy-saving and eco-friendly. This incinerator can use low grade fuel but can skillfully cope with the high-ash house refuse which usually has high moisture level and low heating value. The Circulating Fluidized Bed Wastes Incineration Treatment Technology & Equipment is based on the Circulating Fluidized Bed Incineration Technology, it is up-to-date and it combines incineration,heating,power generation for the integration Absolutely it is set of advanced wastes treatment technology and equipment.
    The combustion temperature of Circulating Fluidized Bed boiler will be controlled between 850 ? - 900?,so it has a low nitrogen oxides emission. Another important problem of garbage incineration method is that it will produce chlorine hydride and dioxin, according to foreign research, wastes incineration will produce dioxins under the condition of:combustion temperature is below 800 ?, combustion temperature is uneven, garbage burns incompletely. These can cause the precursor of dioxin (cp, cbs). The combustion temperature of Circulating Fluidized Bed Wastes Incinerator is stable and even. And the furnace shape design makes the smoke in the furnace stay longer, therefore, destroys the produce environment of the poisonous and harmful gas, so it radically reduce the emission of poisonous gases.
    Heng Jian energy environmental protection group adopts the international advanced waste incineration technology, from the feed, discharge,combustion control, tail gas treatment equipment have better facilities, into the furnace waste does not need complex pre-processing, parameter of steam turbine power generation equipment and facilities, with significant environmental and economic benefits. Suitable for incineration treatment in China general mixed collection of native litter, burn completely, residue clinker ignition loss < 1 ~ 2%; can incineration disposal of solid waste and other gaseous or liquid, calorific value poor fuel and waste, garbage, produced during the storage of landfill leachate can be directly into the incineration disposal; requirements for the separation and pretreatment of waste is very low, the pretreatment process without complex, stable operation. Incineration furnace temperature uniform throughout, and the
  • New Energy Heat Supplyl

    Hengjian Group is also an expert of biomass gasifcation heating. Biomass gasifcation heating is diferent from gasifcation gas supply and gas power generation, biomass gasifcation heating adopted a technology which gasifcation heat produced by burning gas directly goes into the burning equipment of next level. The tar which is from gasifcation burns completely in the combustion equipment, it will not have the problem of tar secondary pollution, so it eco-friendly, as well as ideal thermal utilization efciency.
    Therefore, from economics to environmental protection, gasifcation heating has a promising market. At the same time, it can resolve the forestry waste treatment problem and realized the rational utilization of energy, reduce the production cost and improve the economic efciency of enterprises Biomass gasifcation heating adopted new straw gasifcation heating equipments, small-scale adopts suction style fxed bed gasifer, large-scale adopts fuidized bed gasifer. The system can run continuously, continuous charging and dregs are both doable. It not only is suitable for rice husk gasifcation, but also for straw gasifcation heating. It has a simple structure, convenient operation, high conversion of thermal efciency and no pollution emissions..
    Biomass materials enter gasifer through feeding device in the oven under the REDOX reaction it produces high-temp gas. Ash dregs are continuously discharged through a spiral machine, and are isolated from the exterior by rotary valves, so this equipment can continuously work for a long time, no matter for the raw material of rice husk or straw.
    The high-temp gas which is produced from gasifcation contains small amounts of dust and impurities such as tar, after primary dedusting, it directly goes into the combustion equipment, high-temp gas and secondary air burn completely through a specially designed combustion equipment. Both the gas and fue gas fow through the efect of fanners. Because gas is without cooling and tar treatment process, the sensible heat and the heat quantity of tar is obtained for using, so it has high thermal efciency. In continuous burning, tar is consumed by pyrolysis and complete combustion, thus avoiding tar pollution.
    High temperature fue gas generated in the boiler can get into heat transfer with medium, or mixed with cold wind directly so as to dry something, and then the fue gas is emitted out to the atmosphere by drought fans through chimney.
    The start-up of the Straw Gasifcation Hot Water Heating Unit is very simple, if the equipment has worked for a long time, it can begin with the ignition of the gasifer, 15min later it can reach a normal working condition, if the equipment worked the day before, it can directly enter the start-up procedure, 5min later it can reach a normal working condition. The equipment adopts reliable automatic control, which makes the equipment have easy adjustment in operation, because it has many advanced technology: First, according to the resistance losses of the gasifer, it can confrm the ash thickness and then adjust grate speed of the gasifer. Second, heating medium temperature (or steam pressure) signal can control the angle of governing valve of draught fan, which can regulate loading of the equipment. Third, smoke components detector and the furnace chamber temperature tester can dynamically adjust the quantity of secondary air, which can ensure the best gas combustion and high thermal efciency. In addition, alarm & protective device are set to avoid fameout of the furnace.
  • Distributed Energy

    Distributed energy is compared with the centralized power supply traditional speaking, refers to the power generation system with small scale, small capacity(number of kW to 15MW), modular, distributed mode in close to the user, the system can independently output electricity, heat and cold energy. Building natural gas CCHP technology is an advanced energy technology, it uses natural gas combustion produces the high grade of low grade heat energy, the power equipment discharge fully used for heating and cooling, the cascade utilization of energy, so it is a high efciency of energy utilization system of city, is a new way in the city public building cooling heating and power supply. At present, the Datang Shenzhen thermal Co. Ltd is carrying out combined cooling heating and distributed energy resources for the preparatory work for the project.
    Distributed energy is compared with the centralized power supply traditional speaking, refers to the power generation system with small scale, small capacity (number of kW to 15MW), modular, distributed mode in close to the user, the system can independently output electricity, heat and cold energy.
    Distributed energy saving, environmental protection, high efciency
    Energy efciency: gas cooling heating, gas boiler
    Gas fred boiler efciency: 90% for low grade energy (heat)
    Gas CCHP system efciency: 30% ~ 40% high-grade energy(electricity) + 50% low grade energy (heat)
    Power energy: power =4 ~ 5 times the thermal energy
    Rate should be more than 70% years of comprehensive utilization of average energy
    Clean environmental protection, to reduce emissions of CO2, SO2
    The energy cascade utilization, comprehensive energy utilization rate is high
    Support each other and large power grid, energy supply security
    A double peak efect on gas and electricity
    Save the city land, save construction investment
    High rate of return on investment
  • Looking to the future

    From a person to a city,
    Hengjian Group is making unremitting endeavor to manage the environment comprehensively for Chinese cities and make the development track of Chinese environmental protection industry more and more clearly.
    From a person to a city,
    Hengjian Group appears as the leader of Chinese urban environmental protection industry, enlightens the Chinese citizens with the increasing environmental protection consciousness during the process of constructing a world city.
    From a person to a city,
    Hengjian Group acts as an accompanist with the development of Chinese world city in order to help people strive for more rights to enjoy the fresh air, the blue sky and the white clouds. It constructs permanent green home and creates the everlasting clean water and blue sky.